What Is an Arborist, and Do I Need One?

An arborist or a tree surgeon is a professional in understanding the structure, parts, and general functioning of trees. Their certification requires that they know every aspect of tree cultivation and management.

Arborists deal with the health and well-being of individual trees. They may also check on vines, shrubs, and various perennial woody plants. Professionals in this field have the knowledge and experience to know what to do.

Why You Need an Arborist

As a homeowner, you need to treat your trees the same way as you do with your family. The well-being of every large tree in your area is vital to the safety of your assets and family. In that case, you need qualified and experienced Arborists to help you know about any potential risks and issues.

The following are instances when you may need an Arborist:

Consultancy Purposes

From time to time, you will need an arborist to give you a professional opinion on the situation in your greenery. It would be best if you practice proper tree care. However, this is only achievable with the help of a qualified arborist. They help you make everything right. They will also give you helpful, professional insights on how you need to take care of your trees and keep your greenery in the best shape.

Emergency Cases

If you live in areas with cases of storms, earthquakes, and strong winds, you will always face issues of a tree-emergency. In such situations, trees will break, get injured, or at times need an urgent repair. That is why you need a certified arborist who is just a call away to come and quickly save the situation. They come in handy in such cases helping you to take control of the problem and prevent further damage.
You can also have your arborist come in from time to time to check on the situation in your greenery. They are in a better position to inspect the tree, especially the limbs and branches, and tell you what to do in cases of potential storms and natural disasters.

Professional Pruning and Trimming

While pruning and trimming are an essential part of tree care, they take more than just cutting and falling off the branches. You have to restructure the shape of the tree and improve the health of the subject tree. However, the two objectives are only achievable when you make the rights cuts at the rights points.

Arborists understand the proper way of tree pruning and trimming. Through their knowledge, they can help you prevent pruning mistakes that could result in irreversible tree damages. They will also tell you when you need to uproot a tread instead of pruning or trimming.

Pest Management and Disease Control

A certified tree surgeon is better placed to identify tree diseases and potential health issues. They have the necessary tools to perform proper diagnosis and prescribe the best remedy for the problems identified. Your arborist will advise you on the best insecticides and pesticides to use in your greenery.

Bottom Line

Trees are like pets. They have feelings and may occasionally suffer from diseases as well as the impact of uncontrollable natural disasters like storms. You need to take great care of your trees whether you are keeping a large forest or small greenery for shelter. That way, you will observe a healthy green life around your place. Proper care of trees will also help you protect your property from unprecedented falls. The best way to achieve this is to have a qualified arborist with the right certification.