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Save time, your back and your yard!

Don’t feel like rooting up your stump and half your yard?  It’s back breaking work, time consuming and destructive but there’s a better way! 

Avoid all the hassle with our stump grinding service for Milford and New Haven county, CT.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is a safe and efficient alternative to traditional tree stump removal which mechanically grinds down the stump from above – instead of yanking the thing out from below.  

Conventional methods of removing tree stumps involve turfing up a load of earth to pull out the root system – which can often be extensive.  The disruption of all this earth can cause parts of the yard to become unstable, littering the space with air pockets and loose soil.

How does stump grinding work?

Stump grinders are portable, heavy duty machines with sharp blades that rapidly grind the stump to around 6-8 inches below the ground.  The machine cuts the wood into manageable sawdust/chips  which can be taken away from the site, or even repurposed by the customer.  For example chips made by a stump grinder can be used for mulch or compose in landscape gardening.

The amount of time it takes for the stump grinder to do it’s job depends on the variety of tree, how long it has been dead and of course its size.  Small tree stumps can be ground in a few minutes, and most residential trees are similar.  Very large trees can take several hours or even as long as a day in some cases. 

What happens after stump grinding?

The hole that is left behind can be filled with soil and turf to reclaim that part of your yard.  Any remaining roots will eventually rot away.

Stump grinding should always be attempted only by experienced professionals.  These machines are very dangerous and DIY machines that you hire are not worth the risk.

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