Crane Lifting Tree Over Cables

When is a Tree Crane Necessary?

A lot of the time trees can be pruned and cared for with relatively modest materials; a ladder, handsaw, hatchet or chainsaw but sometimes more heavy duty equipment such as cranes are necessary. Typically this is when the tree is hazardous and presents some sort of risk.

An arborist will consider multiple factors when deciding if a tree crane is necessary or not. They may recommend a crane for pruning, inspection or removal.

Tree Cranes for Maintenance

Cranes can help arborists to safely access and assess tall trees, reaching their canopies and enabling them to comfortably provide maintenance. Some trees reach above roofs, greenhouses and other property which make them difficult to access ordinarily. Their branches may be encroaching on power lines or other property and need cutting back.

Tree Cranes for Removal

Cranes can be used in the safe removal of difficult to reach and hazardous trees. Sometimes trees grow in tight spaces, or spaces that are difficult to reach with other equipment. There might also be limited access to remove branches, and parts of the tree from it’s location.

When trees are teetering with little holding them together, a crane can often be the safest way to safely secure it and remove it in one go; out of harm’s way. With a crane it can be possible to remove whole trees if secured correctly.

When is a Tree Crane used?

Typically a tree specialist may choose to use a crane in the following situations:

  • The tree is close to electrical cables or wiring
  • The tree is severely diseased or decayed
  • The tree is leaning dangerously close to a building or property
  • The tree has toppled on-top of a home, building or another immovable object
  • Tree branches can’t be lowered safely without posing a risk to property

Generally speaking, tree cranes are used when there is some sort of risk, or hazard to property, the tree, or the arborist. If there is danger involved then your tree specialist may decide to use a crane. It’s best to let the tree specialist determine the necessity for a crane, they are the one completing the job and have the expertise to safely carry out any trimming or removal. Of course, if you are not happy with an arborist not using a crane, you are within your right not to use them.

Not all tree care specialists will have access to a crane. Look out for a tree company that specializes in “any size of tree” or “tall trees”; some will advertise online if they have a crane.

Mad Beaver Tree Service and Stump Grinding have a tree crane available for tree trimming, maintenance and removal in Milford, CT and surrounding areas.