Stump Grinding vs Tree Removal

What do you do now that there is a tree stump sticking right out of your yard? It’s quite an eyesore and it goes without saying that it has to be done away with.

You have two options up your sleeve. It can be grinded away or removed.

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding involves using of a grinding machine to shave off the part of the trunk that remains in the ground. The end result is a hole in the ground, but one that is much smaller than what is left when using stump removal.

What is stump removal?

Stump removal involves extracting the whole stump along with the roots. Typically, root systems spread out across the yard to anchor the tree. It is likely that after the whole exercise, much of the soil in your yard will have been churned out. The approach is suitable in situations where land needs to be cleared to accommodate new buildings as having the stump grinded away would interfere with the foundation setup.

Some heavy-duty equipment such as a Bobcat is needed for a successful stump removal.

What are the reasons for doing away with stumps?

Well, tree stumps are useless. It is important to remove them from your yard as soon as the process of cutting down the rest of the tree is done. It is a tree maintenance aspect that has to be done carefully with any of the methods discussed above. Some merits of undertaking this task are:

  • Allure: Trees enhance the beauty of your property. However, mold and weed growth on dead stumps aren’t an attractive sight.
  • Removing hazards: Stumps can cause children and adults alike to trip especially when the area isn’t well lit. Moreover, they make mowing lawns difficult and can easily tear the mower.
  • Pest habitat: Rotting tree stumps attract termites, carpenter ants and beetles. All these present an ecological concern for your home. They also interfere with other vegetation around your yard. When the stumps fail to get treated, fungi and other diseases find a dwelling place and pose danger to other plants.

Stump removal or grinding?

Your decision will be influenced by number of factors. Each method has unique benefits and repercussions. Stump grinding gets rid of the problem fast, produces waste material that can be used for mulching, requires less labor and leaves the environment intact. Its cost implications can even be three times less that of stump removal. However, it leaves room for root decay and can be hazardous to children.

On the other hand, stump removal completely eradicates the root system, creates room for extensive construction, eliminates all potential hazards and makes tree replanting an easy task. The cost involved is dictated by a number of factors but can be six times that of grinding. Further, it takes time to completely remove a tree, leaving an ugly hole on your property and heaps of soil lying everywhere. It goes without saying that it is quite difficult to undertake.

The final decision is guided by the factors discussed above. If you are not sure what method to use on your property, consult your local tree service for detailed help.